4 star hotel Paris, offer yourself the luxury for a Parisian life

The Mayfair is a 4 star hotel in Paris located on rue Rouget de L'Isle. It offers without a doubt the best possible hotel compromise in Paris, between rates accessible to the greatest number and a quality of accommodation that approaches the most highly rated hotels in the capital.

A-star stay in Paris

The Mayfair Hotel is a 4-star hotel in Paris, located in the 1st arrondissement, in the historical centre of Paris. This charming boutique hotel welcomes you in a luxurious and discreet atmosphere.

This is a typical Parisian atmosphere that offers this 4-star hotel in Paris, thanks to its exceptional location between Place de la Concorde, Place Vendome and Place de la Madeleine.

A luxury hotel in Paris

The 4-star hotel in Paris Mayfair has 40 rooms and 7 Junior suites, which decoration combines classical style and modern facilities.

The cosy and warm Bar & Lounge of the hotel welcomes you at any time of the day for a continental breakfast in the breakfast room or a cocktail at the bar.

In the rooms, two quality services are available. You can enjoy the room service of this 4-star hotel in Paris, made by the Imperial restaurant, adjacent to the hotel Mayfair.

In-Room Spa Massages are also available, which allow you to experiment the relaxation and well-being of a professional treatment in your room

Hotel in Paris in the 1st district with 4 stars: the Mayfair

It's hard to come to Paris and not offer yourself a certain level of comfort that is essential to rest and to make your trip unforgettable. This balance, it is has the Hotel Mayfair Paris, this hotel 4 stars in Paris located in the 1st district. We are immediately under the charm of the rooms of this boutique hotel. 40 rooms and 7 suites offer above all a French elegance. The worked furniture, the wallpapers like tapestry on the wall, the arrangement of the rooms as the atmosphere of the common parts, everything tends to offer a stay rocked by a certain image of savoir-vivre and savoir-recevoir. But the style of this hotel in Paris 1st is not there to hide the conveniences of the room, all more modern than the others. From the air conditioning to the wifi, from the flat screen TV to the care in the rooms, we are in a hotel that fully deserves its 4 stars.

4 star hotel in Paris in the 1st arrondissement, the perfect location

The Hotel Mayfair Paris, seen from the point of view of the services, is an irreproachable 4 star hotel in Paris. The establishment has chosen not to offer services that you don't usually have time to use, such as the spa. Thus, it offers more affordable rooms without sacrificing the location. There's a bar, 24-hour front desk, babysitting service, laundry and other services to make your life easier. And the location is strategic for this 4-star hotel in Paris in the 1st arrondissement. You are in the heart of the capital, right in the middle of everything that makes the cultural, commercial, gastronomic or leisure life. From Boulevard Haussmann to the Madeleine, from the Louvres to Notre Dame de Paris, you have everything at hand. But by being in the heart of the circle that Paris draws, you are also in the middle of the other attractions of the capital, from Montmartre to the Catacombs, from Père Lachaise to the Louis Vuitton Foundation. What more could you ask for?

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